Critical Analysis Of Advice To A Son By Ernest Hemingway

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Poetry Analysis Critical Essay

Each of these poems construes a common theme on life struggles. Every poem tells it’s own story and shows how the individual goes on with life, although hardships trampled upon their lives and filled them with sorrow. Life goes on whether we like it or not, the world isn’t going to stop so you can pick yourself up. You can try to avoid some but at some point you will have to learn how to deal with them. You can show empathy towards someone who has lost a loved one when you have gone through it yourself and still remember the sorrow that proceeded to take over your life but you also know the joy that can come after. “Advice to a Son” by Ernest Hemingway goes into depth on how and why one should live a wholesome
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Knowing why and what you have to do to deal with struggle is one thing, but actually having to go through a hardship is another. The best way to learn is often to experience it for yourself. This is why Rochel Levine has written her poem, “Dear Little One”. Her poem tells a story of the happiness that filled her heart when she became pregnant with her fifth child and the pain she felt when that child was miscarried. Although no one could ever imagine the heartbreak of a mother when her child’s own heartbeat stops, this poem has created an avenue for joy to come out of a moment of a deep sadness. Levine writes:

You are still part of me
But your heart has stopped beating
I’m sorry they have to take you out of your nest
You won’t feel anything
You might feel lonely, though
. . . . . . . . . . . .
You will meet two little souls who have the same destiny as you
Who have also started and finished in the same place as you
You won’t be alone
They will look after you like older siblings look after younger siblings
In the meantime, we will not forget you
We will always remember you (32-36,

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