Analysis Of Mountain Boomer And Chahta Ahaya Moma By Howard Starks

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I am writing my essay over the poems “Mountain Boomer” by Howard Starks, “Chahta Ahaya Moma” by Ron Wallace, and “Hurt Hawks” by Robinson Jeffers. The reason why I chose these three poems is because they all seem to have a distinct form of sadness. They are about being cornered, destroyed, and/or killed. I like these poems because of how sad and true they are. They represent the things we humans have a tendency to do at times, whether to humans or animals.
Howard Starks once wrote a poem called, “Mountain Boomer”. This poem is about a lizard that is native to Oklahoma, called the mountain boomer, who is minding his own business when a child comes up to disrupt his solitude. There is this part in the poem where the lizard is just lying there, “His tender belly/ pressed against warm limestone/ he soaks up life.” (15). The lizard is just doing what lizards do, he’s enjoying his moment in the sun, his “dragon feet flex in ecstasy.” (15). But then the child comes up and disturb him. To the lizard the child is a threat, “I am a coyote and hawk/become a single terror.” (15). The lizard is ready to defend himself, by rearing up and attacking. The lizard then
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This poem is about the Choctaw’s forced removal from their land and the tragedies that befell them. In the poem Wallace wrote, “Old Jackson tried to kill the Choctaw moons/with strokes of ink and a feathered quill/despite the debt he owed,” (32) and, “Pushmataha came with the Choctaw warriors and stood beside Sharp Knife in the time of war against the Red Coats.” (32). During the War of 1812, the Choctaws, or moons as Wallace wrote, were led by their leader, Pushmataha, to help General Andrew Jackson against the British Red Coats. But when it all came down to it, Jackson, now President of the United States, didn’t honor what the Choctaws did to help in the war. To tear apart the lives of these people, all Jackson had to do was sign a piece of paper, which

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