The Criminal Act, Co-Principals Equally Guilty

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The Writing Assignment (WA) contains the following four chapter topics: The criminal act, co-principals equally guilty, attempts to commit a crime, encounters and detentions. This WA also contains the following three classroom activities: Pomona video, Nicaragua Court video, and “Gonis gang bank robbery.”
Four Chapter Topics: The first chapter topic is the criminal act. According to the authors, an act is simply defined as “an effect produced through conscious exertion of will” (Hunt and Rutledge, 39). The act and the punishments vary depending on the crime that is committed. Crimes are punished based on how serious is the crime and the defendant, which can result as a misdemeanor or felony. The incident that occurred in the city of Santa
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The authors state “temporary detention for questioning” (Hunt and Rutledge, 87). This is when a police officer makes contact with a citizen and interacts with them for temporary detention. The police officer will determine whether if the person is free to leave and go on their way. As stated by authors, “traffic stop is an example of temporary detention” (Hunt and Rutledge, 89). For instance, in New Jersey, a fugitive got arrested after a traffic stop. Officers stopped the vehicle after observing “a couple traffic violations,” according to the authorities of the New Jersey Police. While conducting the traffic stop one of the officer smelled marijuana from inside the vehicle. The two occupants gave consent to a search. One of the officer found a golf-ball size bag of heroin, which lead to a length of detention because they have articulable suspicion that something is going to be committed. Also, both occupants lied about their identity and later it came up to be a wanted suspect various charges such as: robbery conspiracy, kidnapping, unlawful possession of a weapon and aggravated assault. As a result, officers arrested and booked both occupants of possession with intent to deliver heroin and conspiracy to deliver heroin. Consensual encounter is important because officers engage with citizens of the public which can lead to any evidence based on the temporary detention

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