Quality Vs. Quantity

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Quality versus Quantity
The credibility of quality research mainly sets on the following aspects. The techniques used for rigorous methods that are used for the collection of data. The analysis and the attention plays a significant role to the different issues like validity, reliability, and triangulation. The researcher credibility is dependent on the experience of the individual and along with the track record and the status obtained. The philosophical belief the value of the inquiry and the application of diverse qualitative methods for better sampling.
Credibility of Methodology There are techniques for the usage and the increasing of the quality of data; however, there are different problems with the findings. There exists
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The strength that the qualitative projects have is that they are carried out in a naturalistic setting with very few control variables. The conditions are all unique and cannot be generalized. Consequently, the applicability of research is not valid in the case of qualitative research as it stands for individual solutions. The research may not be appropriate to conditions involving a larger population. The other factor that comes into play is the transferability. The research results shall have a right fit in the contexts that are similar to the conditions as posed in the study. (Knafl & Brcitmayer, 1989). However, this factor depends on the researcher that assists in the change in the outlook of the work for other …show more content…
It may be very useful here to draw upon the classical arguments from proponents of the qualitative or quantitative research tenets that were developed, thus to demonstrate and solve problems of the competing ideologies. In these discussions about the application of mixed methods, such as problems are known as part of the paradigm wars and consequently rejecting for that reason. The crucial question that these arguments face is not their existence, rather than other competing practices do not answer

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