Essay about Creativity And The Creativity Of The Youth Of This Nation

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The evident decline in the creativity of the youth of this nation is clearly an epidemic that must be addressed. It may not be possible for this school board to reach out to the millions of children who lack creativity, however it is possible for them to help locally. Although many people believe that creativity is too abstract a concept to be taught, it is possible, and a creativity class should be inserted into this school 's curriculum because it would be extremely beneficial to the students.
Firstly, in order to extinguish any possible ambiguity, it seems necessary to define “creativity” in this specific context. Creativity is the ability to think abstractly about straightforward concepts, synthesize unconventional solutions to complex problems, and utilize multiple artistic mediums in order to compose unique works. The problem is that the number of children who possess these abilities is declining rapidly, and this must be addressed.
In order to remedy this issue, courses that deal explicitly with creativity should be placed in this school’s curriculum. Many argue that creativity cannot be taught or measured due to its vague and broad definition, yet despite its difficulty, it can be done. Through the practice of complex problem solving, students are able to develop the ability to navigate analytical and mathematically driven obstacles without prior experience with the subject matter in question. This is an extremely valuable skill in the world after high school, as…

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