Marie Is Talking Analysis

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Marie is Talking
Say “Bonjour” Marie

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Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc had a baby named Marie. They loved their baby very much.

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Mrs. LeBlanc played with the baby all day long, and when Mr. LeBlanc returned from the office, he would first greet his wife and then give a kiss to baby Marie. The whole family was extremely content.

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After a short time, Marie began to talk. Well, maybe not talk. She began to babble. She said, “Bla,blu,ba” and “Ga, goo, glub”. Mrs. LeBlanc wanted Marie’s first word to be “Maman”, and Mr. LeBlanc wanted the first word from Marie to be “Papa”.

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All day long, Marie’s mother would smile at Marie and say, “Dis
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Dis ‘Papa’.”

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But Marie was quiet or gurgled her little sounds “blub, glub, goo”. Then one day Marie shocked her parents. She said her first word. It was . . . .

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“LE CROISSANT”. Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc were certain they had misheard Marie. But Marie repeated the word “le croissant” for nearly an hour.

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Then Marie was silent for a full minute. Suddenly, she spoke another word. But it was not Maman, and it was not Papa. No, the word, Marie shouted was “LE CHAMPIGNON”.

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Marie’s mother and father were upset. They feared that something might be wrong with their little Marie. Marie’s grandparents came to visit just to see the special baby who didn’t say Maman or Papa but who was happy cooing “LE CROISSANT” and “LE CHAMPIGNON”.

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The grandparents tried cradling Marie in their arms and rocking Marie back and forth. Marie wiggled her body and waved her arms in anger. Suddenly, she began shouting, “LE CANARD! LES POMMES FRITES! LE ROSBIF! LES FRAISES! LE PAMPLEMOUSSE! LES CUISSES DE GRENOUILLE!” Marie’s cries did not
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“I’m sure Marie enjoys her milk,” said the doctor. “But this baby also wants to eat other foods. She wants to enjoy your excellent cooking. Marie is not worried about her waistline. She wants to eat DES TOMATES, DU JAMBON, DES OEUFS, DU CELÉRI, DU THON and DES GÂTEAUX.

Page 16 (illustration 16)

Marie’s parents thanked the doctor and shook his hand. They bundled Marie in her coat and rushed back to their car. They drove home as fast as they could.

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The moment Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc arrived at their home they searched the cupboards for something to feed Marie. Mr. LeBlanc found a BAGUETTE. He tore off a piece of the baguette. Mrs. LeBlanc spread some butter on the bread and handed Marie DU PAIN AVEC DU BEURRE.

Page 18 (illustration 18)

Marie looked at the bread in her hand. She smelled it and squeezed it. Finally she put the bread in her mouth and took a small bite. She chewed the bread. Mr. and Mrs. LeBlanc held their breath as Marie slowly swallowed the bread. There was a moment of silence. Then Marie said in a loud, clear voice….

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“Maman! Papa!”

Page 20 (illustration 20)

Marie was saved.

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