Creative Thinking Essay

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Critical and Creative Thinking
|1. |Oil production in the United States satisfies only half of the country's needs; the rest is imported. If imports were cut |
| |off, what changes would you expect to occur in your lifestyle? |

Answer: If oil imports were cut off, the changes to my lifestyle and to the United States would be devastating. Gasoline prices would skyrocket. This would force me and others to curtail our driving. I might have to rely on public transportation; however, the cost of said transportation would also increase. There would be gas rationing as the government would need to have gas for the military and other essentials to keep the government
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Can you offer an explanation for this remarkable concentration? If you were part of a team of exploration |
| |geologists looking for large copper deposits, where would you focus your search? |
| |Answer: To form a hydrothermal mineral deposit, you need the following things: |
| |1. source of metals |
| |2. Hydrothermal fluids to transport metals |
| |3. Suitable host rock to deposit metals |
| |4. Conduits for hydrothermal fluids |
| |5. Heat pump |
| |6. Change of Eh, Ph, and/or temperature to cause metals in solution to precipitate |
| |If you look at the Pacific Ring of Fire, you will see that all of these features are present, and therefore the countries |

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