The Importance Of Physical Play In Children

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It is often observed that children are drawn towards certain types of play. For example there may be a child who always chooses the building bricks, a child who always chooses the creative activities or a child who spends all of their time in the home corner. Children has innate drive to play and that encourages learning as children get involved in play. There are range of different types of play and each type has its own benefits.

Physical play
Play including gross motor movements (large movements such as throwing, kicking and crawling) and fine motor movement (small movements such as threading, using play dough and building blocks) is referred as Physical play. And both motor skills are equally important for development.

 Physical play boosts brain development
 It helps children to maintain healthy weight and reduces the risk of disease like diabetes or cancer later in life.
 Building strong hearts, lung function,muscles and bones
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 Through heuristic play, children develop cognitive skills, as they explore properties of different materials. They practically experience shape and size. As they bring items together and find out ways of making them connect their creatvity is boosted and they also learn problem solving.
 It supports language development as vocalizations or self talk may take place while exploring items. Also older children may talk to each other about what they have found and it’s possibilities.
 It supports emotional development as children are allowed to explore independently and to make choices. It gives children a sense of achievement as they discover properties of materials for themselves.
 Heuristic play can contribute in developing social skills as in case of older children may use object to work together to create pay and in case of babies and toddlers (usually explores independently) they may want to show an adult what they have

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