Creationism And The Creation Of The Bible Essay

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Creationism stands for the taking of the Bible, especially the early chapters of Genesis, as a literal guide to the history of the universe and the history of life, including humans, down here on Earth (Numbers, 1992). Creationist believe that God is involved in the creation, ready to intervene when necessary, and without concern the creation would cease to exist. Generally, creationists are referred to as ‘theists,’ distinguishing them from deists. Deists are people who believe that there is a designer who may or may not have created the material on which he, she, or it is working and who does not interfere once the designing act is finished (Ruse, 2003). There are two views of creationism, one is Young Earth Creationism (YEC), and the other is Progressive Creationism (PC). Youth Earth Creationism takes the literal interpretation of Genesis and the consecutive 24-hour periods adding up to six days on the calendar (Koperski, 2006, para. 2). This would mean that the universe was created around 6,000 years ago. Progressive or “old-Earth” creationists believe that God created the universe and continues to act within it, but the earlier chapters of the bible are not taken literally. The ‘six days of creation’ are perceived to have occurred over an unspecified length of time. (Koperski, 2006, para. 15) Most PC’s believe that God directly created life, but since no age of the universe can be inferred from the bible, they accept the findings of a modern cosmology and geology. It…

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