Creationism And Evolutionism

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The debate between the idea of creationism and evolutionism has been going on for quite some time now. Evolution is more commonly taught in schools because the teaching of the Bible and its facts are considered socially unacceptable. However, the Bible’s view on the creation of the earth, along with all the creatures that came with it, provide much more evidence that the idea of evolution. Creationism provides explanations on how Earth was created, how the planet slowly changed over time, and how organisms such as mammals and non-mammals transformed or even disappeared. Overall, creationism provides more evidence than evolutionism on how all of creation came into existence. Why does this difference of opinion even matter? Our views on morality …show more content…
Evolution also states that all organisms originated from one ancient organism (“Creation vs. Evolution Controversy”2). They believe species have changed over time by microevolution which is the transformation of smaller species to larger species, which does not explain how so many animals have completely opposite physical qualities. In order to prove the theory of microevolution, evolutionists often refer to how DNA has become so complex over time. (“Creation versus Evolution”3). The theory of evolution believes in the idea of “survival of the fittest” which is the belief that bigger or better organisms should eliminate smaller organisms (“All About Philosophy”1). This idea of “survival of the fittest”,a larger or better organism eliminating a smaller organism, supports the actions of mass murders such as Adolf HItler and Joseph Stalin, who were in fact evolutionists. They used the “survival of the fittest” theory to excuse their remorseless actions (“All About Philosophy”2). The theory of evolution became much more popular during the lifetime of an evolutionist named Charles Darwin. Darwin created the idea of “survival of the fittest” while on a 5 year exploration examining different types of organisms (“Creation versus Evolution Controversy”2).Which ,by the way, did not really help prove anything. All Darwin really did was state that many different animals have many different qualities, which was obvious enough. Darwin gave the theory of …show more content…
Evolution Controversy”1).Creationists believe that God made man in His own image, while evolutionists simply believe humans are just a certain type of ape, which infuriates creationists. (“Creation versus Evolution Controversy”2). In the Bible, Genesis 1 and 2 describe the physical events of creation (“Creation versus Evolution”2). This includes the creation of the heavens, Earth, animals, and even mankind itself all done in a certain order. Hugh Ross, a well-known astrophysicist, proposed a certain order of how creation was created. His theory exactly matched the order given in Genesis 1 (“Creation versus Evolution”2). Creationism also gives a reasonable explanation on how Earth has changed over time. Creationists believe the flood mentioned in the story of Noah’s Ark that wiped out majority of creation changed the physical makeup of Earth drastically (Creation vs. Evolution”6). If an animal could not swim, it would have died almost instantly. This observation explains why there are multiple layers of dead animals existing under the earth today (“Creation vs. Evolution”7). The world wide flood happened in two unusual ways. First, God opened the “windows of Heaven” which allowed a large canopy over the earth to fall as water all at one time which killed many animals instantly, which explains why some mammoths have been found preserved in polar

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