Misconception Of Evolution

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sin Mohamed Mohamed1

Biology 9B

Mr. Ryan

May 21 2016


A common misconception about the theory of evolution nowadays is that it

promotes human society to act in selfish ways because of “survival of the fittest”. 

People who believe in this statement will start asking why is this a misconception.

The reason this statement is a misconception or is considered false because

it’s contradicted by the theory of evolution itself and by biological science


Before showing why this is a misconception all people need to know what is

The theory of evolution,
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Darwin was hesitant

to introduce his ideas to the public population until he knew at there was another

young scientist studying these things and developing a theory about it. On November

24, 1859, he published a detailed explanation of his theory in his best-known work,

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.

Firstly, this statement can be contradicted by evidence provided from

biological science and the natural world. The natural world provides by far the

biggest example which is that humans can work hard by many ways to improve there Mohamed3

physical adaptions to be able to survive for longer times. The second example is from

biological evidence which has shown that the theory of natural selection mostly

applies to animals because they do not have the mental capability humans have in

order to decide who to mate with and who to avoid mating with it basically shows

how humans are more mature than animals. This is just another example that

shows that humans do not act in selfish ways because of the theory of
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In 2014 Food Bank in Egypt with the help

of The International School of Choueifat were able to raise 375,900 Egyptian pounds

in two months from about 200,000 people only. This evidence shows how people

never think in a selfish way and think of others in need. Also this is not the only

evidence football teams around the world have started to open successful foundations

to help children and people in need.

Looking at this statement made me remember something really important it

reminded how strong industrious and also moderate countries helped other countries

in need. The biggest example is going on in our time now with countries helping

Syrian refuges and taking them into there own country like Germany and Greece.

People will disagree and say this those not prove anything because other countries

refused to help. No this dies disprove the theory because people always look at the

majority not at the minority and majority of the people helped Syrian refuges and

not only countries helped also charitable groups and rich football clubs. Another

example was in Madrid,Spain were Real Madrid were able to raise enough money

to help all of the Syrian refuges in Spain. The statement just keeps

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