Should Evolution Be Taught In Schools

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The New Theory Evolution a simple four syllable word. A word that not only changed the way we view animals and ourselves but also sparked debates. Unfortunately this paper is not based on the 1960’s classic Inherit the wind by Stanley Kramer. Which was about whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. No, in fact, that word has created yet another fire. This time, though, the debate is about whether or not evolution should be given a revision, and as they say there 's two sides to every coin. One such side is that evolution without a doubt needs to be rethought. This side includes Professor Kevin Laland a teacher of behavioral and evolutionary biology at the University of St.Andrews and a …show more content…
Casey Luskin who has earned himself a B.S and an M.S in Earth sciences from the University of California, San Diego; has found what he believes to be the three main issues with how Darwinian evolution is taught in public schools. Starting off with how the students should be informed about how fossil records often lack transitional forms and that “explosions” of new species/life forms which challenges Darwinian evolutionary theory. Secondly, students should know that many scientists have come forward to directly challenge random mutation and natural selections ability to create complex biological features. To end his list he states that students should be directed to the many pieces of evidence that Darwinism uses for proof are weak. Such as how embryos contrary to pictures in textbooks actually look different in the embryonic stage. Also that there is evidence for microevolution instead of macroevolution. But Luskin describes these ideas in a short list according him he would add more “Of course, in a perfect world, I 'd also prefer that more than merely "three flaws in evolutionary theory" be taught to

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