Creating And Planning Your Four Year Plan Essay

774 Words Nov 12th, 2015 4 Pages
I attended the presentation called “Creating and Planning Your Four Year Plan”. This presentation was mainly for freshmen and first year students at York College of Pennsylvania. I found this meeting to be very informative and it answered a few of my questions about the role of a student and how to schedule next semester’s classes. This presentation relates to First Year Seminar because it talked about staying organized and being prepared. Also, I would highly recommend attending this meeting because it helped explain scheduling classes. First, I learned several things at the presentation; for example, I learned what my role as a student is, how to schedule classes and what I should and should not do when meeting with my advisor. The role of student is to contact your advisor, this is because the student has to take the first initiative and the advisor is not going to reach out to the student first. In high school the guidance counselors would reach out to students and catch up with them, this was to see how their school year was going. It college it is completely opposite and I think that is a good thing because it helps students learn to take initiative. The role of a student also includes being prepared for the appointments with your advisor, like bringing any papers you need and writing down the questions you want to ask. Students should also make a personal connection with their advisor because eventually they will write a recommendation for you and it is always good…

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