Creating A Business Plan For An Entrepreneur Essay

767 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Imagine it is your first day at a massive pre-established firm, you squeeze your way into a white, 6x6 cubical, to the left of you slumps an older man. His age and stress shows on his face and it becomes apparent that this is your future. Why would anyone put their blood, sweat, and tears into a company without it being their own. As an entrepreneur, I can develop, grow, and manage my own company to create an impact in society. To begin, as an entrepreneur, I will start with an idea, for this essay lets say I have an idea for a software company that offers a revolutionary way of advertising a product. The very first question I would ask myself is, “does this idea have a social impact that will improve the greater good of man”. Since my idea does, I now have to create a business plan. Compared to job where you go to work and management assigns you tasks that you will never reek the benefits for, entrepreneurship allows you to build your company from the ground up, by addressing the need for the product, what market it serving, the risks that the company faces, and the initial investments needed to start the company. After I have found the niche and what it will take to make my idea a reality, I will persistently validate my concept through a Failsafe Validation. As an entrepreneur, I have to be willing to fail; the Failsafe Validation concept allows me to fail quickly and cheap. If you have ever gotten that feeling in your stomach, the warm fuzzy feeling, such…

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