Crash With A Car Crash Essay

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Crash can be defined as a collision of two objects, most of the time we associate the word crash with a car accident. This same word is a title of a movie that came out in 2004. The move Crash takes place in Los Angles, California over a two-day period. The movie starts off with a car crash but the movie is not about car collisions. The collisions that happen in this film are ethnocentrism, stereotypes, and racism. We all know the popular phrase “six degrees of separation”, well this movie shows us how true that is. There is no main character in the movie but each character plays a major part in the racial collisions. Perception and interpretation were important factors for the plot of the movie and the actions of the people. Why is that, well when you think about perception you may think of the way “individuals respond to people, objects, and environments depends largely on the perception they have about them.” (Alberts, Nakayama, & Martin, 2007, p. 73) Then you have interpretation, which demonstrate how you perceive things. One great example of that is the scene where the Persian storeowner thought the Mexican locksmith was trying to rip him off. The Mexican man was only doing his job and advising the storeowner. However for the Persian storeowner all he could see was Mexican trying to rip him off. We all have an ego, but what is that ego called when it is used to justify individuals and their worth. The word would be ego-defensive function and according to our text it…

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