Crash Narrative Report Example

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On 06/26/2016 at approximately 0311 hours, I was notified by Master Detective L. Cichon #3846 of a traffic crash involving life-threatening injuries on Bloomingdale Avenue, west of Bell Shoals Road. Master Detective L. Cichon advised the crash involved a single vehicle with a 15 year old occupant being flown to Tampa General Hospital with life-threatening injuries. She was responding to Tampa General Hospital and requested Detective M. Carter #181968 and I respond to the scene. Upon arrival, I observed the involved silver Honda Accord at final rest on the north shoulder of the roadway with the pedestrian guardrail impaled into the front of the vehicle. I took the responsibilities as lead detective and Detective M. Carter
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I collected a Pinnacle vodka bottle, pineapple flavor, a swab from the steering wheel, a swab from the dried blood on interior of the driver door armrest, a blue glass smoking pipe, a red plastic smoking bong, a black Iphone, and a pink Iphone. I submitted the swabs to FDLE for analysis. I was also notified by ASA Barbara Coleman that according to the medical records request for Bradley Penny, Brandon Regional Hospital did not administer any medications to Bradley Penny or draw any blood samples other than the consensual DUI blood draw requested by Deputy M. …show more content…
I made contact with the school 's principle, Pamela Bowden, and the school resource deputy, Deputy J. Morffi #4691. Due to a warrant service being taken place within the school, Sergeant E. Raburn #4406 responded. I requested Bradley Penny be brought to the office to be served the warrant. Principle Pamela Bowden called Bradley Penny 's parents to notify them of the warrant service and had to leave a message. I requested Pamela Bowden and Sergeant E. Rayburn stay in the conference room as witnesses to the warrant service. I read the search warrant to Bradley Penny in the presence of Pamela Bowden and Sergeant E. Raburn and reminded Bradley Penny that his father declined an interview in the hospital and I was not going to ask question about the events on the night of the crash. I did not ask any questions pertaining to the crash and explained the search warrant while I read it to him. Bradley Penny had no questions about the search warrant and complied with the buccal swap without incident. After returning to the office, I sent a copy of the search warrant to Brandon Penny, via certified mail. Later during the day, I received the toxicology report from FDLE with the blood drug concentration results. They reported, Bradley Penny had Alprazolam at a concentration level of 31 ± 9 ng/mL, which is considered therapeutic levels. They also report he

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