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The U.S. Constitution is supported by a dual court system in which the power is shared between the state and the federal governments. Most criminal cases are tried in state court, whereas, federal crimes are tried in federal courts. Both courts have jurisdiction, although federal courts are limited to the cases heard. The state offers a broad capability to encompass more cases and averages 30,000,000 cases filed, whereas, the federal courts see a mere 1,000,000 cases (findlaw). State and federal governments are mutual partners in the objective to protect the rights of citizens and the Constitution.
Unlike federal courts, which are established under the United States Constitution, state courts are established
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Some issues facing the state and federal courts are the increasing caseloads. As prisons across the country remain and grow overpopulated, caseloads have become increasingly higher to manage. Cases filed at the trial and appellate levels have increased nearly as fast as triple over the last 30 years (Adler, 2009). Federal concerns are the lack of judges available to support the caseloads. It has been speculated that because of a delay in judge screenings and the selection process; inadequate salaries and political orientation has created a shortage (Adler, 2009). These judges are appointed for life making the selection process precise. The challenge in state levels is the significant amount of drug cases, which some jurisdictions have special drug courts to manage these cases.
Prosecutors present the facts to the jury, decide plea bargains, and notably, argue on behalf of the government at trial (Adler, 2009). Federal prosecutors become specialized in their division whether it is civil, criminal, tax, or anti-trust. Their cases are high-profile or at the National level. State prosecution is not as well qualified nor authorized to handle cases in a federal degree.
Defense attorneys ensure the legal rights of the accused are preserved and argue on behalf of their client. The attorney is working to have charges dismissed or lessened and protect the rights of the individual starting at the arrest. A defense attorney can be court

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