Court System Essay

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Overview of the United States and Mexico Court Systems
“Court system the judiciary also known as the judicial system or judicature is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the sovereign or state” ( Freedman, 2000). The judiciary provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes. Purposes and responsibilities of courts require balance between external and internal accountability. Courts do not serve their enduring purposes or continuing responsibilities unless their structure, governance, operations, programs, processes, and performance lead to the reality and deserved public perception that the judiciary is accountable. The courts’ responsibility for the proper use of public money is to ensure rule of
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The reason for this was to make sure that judges from the highest court would be involved in the principal trial courts knowledge about the procedures of the state courts. However, this was often seen as a hardship. In the early years of the Supreme Court, the justices had little control over which cases they heard. “It was not until 1891 that they were able to review courses through certiorari and did away with the right of automatic appeal” (Bourguignon, 1995). While the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, it has limited administrative authority over the federal courts.
In 1934 that Congress gave (who)??? it the responsibility for drafting rules of federal procedure (Clinton, 1996). The Judiciary Act also marked out the United States into circuits and districts. Three circuit courts were created. One included the eastern states, the second included the middle states, and the third was created for the southern states. “Two justices of the Supreme Court were assigned to each of the circuits and their duty was to periodically go to a city in each state in the circuit and hold a circuit court in combination with the district judge of that state” (Trethan, 2011). The point of the circuit courts was to decide cases for most federal criminal cases along with suits between citizens of different states and civil cases brought by the U.S. government. “The number of Supreme Court justices involved in each circuit court was reduced to one in 1793” (Trethan, 2011

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