Court System Paper

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Court System Paper
Teresa Wilson
CJA 204
Dec. 5, 2011
Mrs. Dorey

Court System Paper The court systems have been around for hundreds of years. Our court system has come a very long way since then. I mean back then our first court was actually back in the 1789 which was small and hierarchy compared to the was courts are now days. In the 1789 the first bill was put into action. From this we got what is called “the original American court system for resolving criminal and civil dispute.”( Schmalleger, 2009. Our state courts have developed several models. They have followed the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789, which later became the reorganization Act of 1801, which has made more models for the state courts. They follow the
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The next state court would be our Supreme Courts. There trails of higher levels will be tried. It is also known or even refers to as the Court of Last Resort. Supreme courts usually have either five to nine justices on the panel, which can hear the trials. But depending on what state you are in, they maybe only 5 justices to hear your case. In the supreme courts the mostly hear the lower level court cases, Example they hear issues and rulings that deal with the state or statutory issues. And if it is not settled by then it will be on to the appeal courts in the Federal Courts where it is then heard. The federal courts are the last step. Our federal courts have always been around, our federal courts where made by our U.S. Constitution. In the article 111, section 1,, our constitution lets us know that our Supreme Courts and even the Courts of Congress will from time to time will establish and ordain. And then there is the part of the constitution that some state may have different jurisdiction over some cases. The Federal Courts will and can have settled some of the disputes between states. Federal Courts have three different and important levels of court. I will try and cover a little of each of the stages of our Federal Courts. The Federal Courts we have now are the U.S. District courts and the U.S. Courts of Appeal and then there is the U.S. Supreme Court. They each play a

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