County 's Employment Information On The County Essay

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Hernando County is a county in the United State of America, located in Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau taken in 2010, the population of the county was 172,775 and is estimated to be at 178,439 in 2015 (United State Census Bureau). Hernando County is located in the workforce development area number 16, which also includes Pasco County. The population of Pasco County for 2015 is 497,909 (United States Census Bureau).
Workforce development area provides information on the counties’ employment information. As seen by Table 1: Hernando and Pasco County (Workforce 16) 2015 and 2023 Employment Information, workforces 16 has to county information combined together, Hernando County’s employment information will to be isolated. To isolate Hernando County’s employment, first we will add the population of both Hernando and Pasco together. According to the United States Census Bureau (as mentioned before), Hernando County’s population in 2015 was 178,439 and the population of Pasco County in 2015 was 497,909. When we add the populations of Workforce 16, the total population is 676,348. This means that the employment information in Table 1: Hernando and Pasco County (Workforce 16) 2015 and 2023 Employment Information is for a combination of the two counties. The second step, to isolate Hernando County’s employment information, is to determine the percentage of the Hernando County from the total workforce’s total. This is done by dividing Hernando County population (178,439)…

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