Essay on County Parks And Rec Is An Experience I Will Never Forget

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Lumpkin County Parks and Rec was an experience I will never forget. As a future educator, it showed me how to treat children and how not to treat them. The program that I attended was only during the summer and was open from seven in the morning to six in the afternoon. There were around three to four college-aged counselors at a time looking after the children. None of the counselors were 4ducation majors, so they were not learning the different techniques of disciplining and treating children with respect.
Lumpkin County Parks and Rec Lumpkin County Parks and Rec is a different type of program. One program is offered during the summer that is twenty dollars a day and the other is offered after-school. The program offered during the summer had on average twenty five children a day. The ages ranged from five years old to some that were thirteen. The program’s children were majority white with one or two African American and Asian children. There was around an even number of boys versus girls but every child has a completely different home life. Some children have no parents, others live their aunt, but the majority of them are from a single parent household. Looking at the children’s behavior, I was able to tell who had both parents versus who had a different household. Also, the children were diverse in the amount of money they had. Some children were coming everyday with IPhones and others could not come every day because they could not afford it.

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