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    Finally, this essay will examine the differences and similarities that exist between the various areas of couples counselling mentioned above. 1. PREMARITAL COUNSELLING Premarital counselling is for couples who decide to get married and want to prepare themselves for the challenges of marriage. 1.1 DEFINITION OF PREMARITAL COUNSELLING Premarital counselling is a form of counselling that helps couples to prepare for marriage, and it takes place when a couple decides to get married. In

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    The definition also states that counselling is non-directive meaning no advice will be given, which is in contrast to other roles where counselling skills may be used and these professional differences are the next point to be discussed. The counsellor’s role is to listen to the client and through this to enable the client to find their own answers to their problems. This is a unique role, there is no other professional relationship in which this happens and it is the only role the counsellor

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    and 1950s became decades that are considered extremely important in the expansion of counselling. Carl Rogers established the “person centred” approach classified as “Humanistic Therapy”, which forms the basis of most current practises. Today, psychological therapies are classified in three main areas; Behavioural Therapies, Humanistic Therapies and also Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic. Modern counselling, psychology and psychiatry have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on

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