Counseling Reflective Paper

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This week’s lecture is about observing and reflecting emotion of both client and ourselves. After listened to the lecture, I realised that counselling profession is amazing! I was surprised being a counsellor is not easy, because he has to be able to multitasking. There are many things a counsellor needs to do in a single interview with the clients, he not only needs to attend and active listen in the interview, but also has to identify any implicit emotion and discrepancies of the clients. Other than that, the counsellor also needs to empathize the client’s stories and emotion. I think the most important value for a counsellor is empathy, counselling without empathy will not success because trusting relationship cannot be developed and …show more content…
Althouth nothing much I can do other than listen and reflect their feeling, for example: “ oh, so you are frustrated because she did not reply your call”, they feel better after we talk, one of my friends told me that his confused thought became clearer after we had the conversation. I realised that reflecting their on emotion back to them is really helpful because sometime people are confused and unable to sort out their thought, talking and reflecting to them. I think they are willing to share their privacy with me because I can understand their situation and feeling.
Here is an extra thing; things that I wrote above are not useful on one person. She is an exception, she is my girlfriends. Sometimes her emotion is unpredictable and unstable to me. For example, there is one time I chatting with her on the phone, the beginning she talked normally when I accidentally missed the “a-ha”, she was then become unhappy and the chat ended unhappily. I am a person who doesn’t talk much, so sometimes it is very difficult for me to make her happy again. I think she does this to me but not other people are maybe I am the only one she could shows her true emotion, thus I just have to live with

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