Cost Analysis of a Poultry Farm in Nigeria Essay

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1. Introduction 1 2. Bio security 2
3. Housing 5
4. Brooder Management 6
5. Rearing 7
6. Watering and Feeding 8
7. Feed and Feeding 8
8. Vaccination 10
9. Ideal Vaccination Schedule 11
10. Methods of Individual Vaccination 12
11. Disease Prevention 13
12. Beak Trimming 16
13. How to limit Effect of Heat 17
14. How to distinguish laying from non laying birds 19
15. Egg Quality 19
16. Water 20
17 Record Keeping 23
18. Disposal of Dead Birds 23
19. Waste management 23
20 Project Appraisal 24.

Poultry generally refers to those species of birds man
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The layers and broiler birds too should be reared separately because the same infective agent may have different pathogen city in two types of birds.

EGG BORNE DISEASE: Certain diseases are transmitted from the dam to newly hatched chicks through fertile eggs. Transmission may be either Tran ovarian such as mycoplasmosis, salmonellosis, reovirus and adenovirus infections or by eggshell contamination such as paratyphoid and coliform infection.

FARM EQUIPMENT Pathogenic gents may also be transmitted through poultry equipments. Round worm eggs, dried scales from pox lesions, oocyst of coccidian and other infectious materials can be carried on crate, footwear and vehicles. Infectious material can also spread through feather, faeces, blood, and exudates and skin scrapping left in the crates.

All the factors responsible for infecting the healthy bird could be removed by adopting bio security measures. These includes:

• Planning and selection of site
• Preventing entry of microbes in to the farm
• Preventing propagation of microbes.

Therefore, bio security can be divided into three steps.
1. Concept ional bio security
Following factors should be considered in order to make the environment pathogen free.
• Location of poultry farm and species to be reared at the farm
• Distance among breeder and commercial farm and the accessories like hatcheries, feed mill and packing unit etc
• Location of main road and approach road for the purpose of easy

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