Cosmetics And Its Effects On Cosmetics Essay

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Do you look and feel incomplete without make-up? Can you go through a day without using any cosmetics? Try as we might, abandoning cosmetics that are a daily part of our routine may be a firm task because of the wide range of cosmetics available to consumers. The definition of cosmetics varies from person to person with a wide of opinions. Cosmetics not only include everyday make-up but also include products such as “deodorants, sunscreen, toothpaste, and soap among others” (Cosmetics and Skin). A study found that the “average person consumes up to ten different products daily” (Cosmetics and Skin). As the use of cosmetics has increased, people have taken more interest in the cosmetic industry often questioning its safety and quality.
The safety and quality of many cosmetics have been brought up due to the toxic chemicals in cosmetics used daily by hundreds of consumers. Many consumers often “end up using many personal care products that have a high chemical content” (Organic Facts).We live in a time where many of the personal care products we use may do us more damage than benefit if used without care. In addition, businesses are in competition with coming out with the most advanced products relying on loopholes in laws to prevent issues. We have reached the point where words such as natural and organic are not always accurate. In order to be “organic certified” products only need a minimum of 70% of organic ingredients which leaves 30% of harmful toxins in cosmetics.…

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