Essay on Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effects

1989 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
Cosmetic surgery alters people 's appearances and can be used to increase their self-esteem. While these surgeries are very popular, there are many dangers associated with them. People wanting these surgeries sometimes are not aware of these complications or they choose to ignore them. Those under 18 are probably more likely to dismiss these dangers and not consider how the surgery will affect them later in life. Cosmetic surgery needs age limits to reduce the effects of altering underdeveloped, inexperienced, health risked teens.
According to Marketwire, there are several things that should be considered before going through with a surgery. First of all, offices tend to hire doctors who cost less to hire and are less qualified, so patients may not receive the best care. Also, expectations sometimes exceed what the surgery can actually achieve, an individual may go through with something only because their doctor suggested it, and widely performed procedures still have complications (Legal Experts). A general concern associated with cosmetic surgeries is that teens are still developing at the ages they are getting surgeries, so a procedure may not look as good later as it did when they first got it (Lusted 48). Also, adolescents tend to have unrealistic expectations as to what the surgery can accomplish for them. The surgery may change the way a body part they are self-conscious about looks, but that doesn 't guarantee that they will feel better about it after it is…

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