Essay about Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effects

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought your body isn’t good enough? Maybe your face isn’t pretty enough? You’ve seen those plastic surgeons advertising with all those lovely people who seem so happy with their looks and thought maybe that is what you need. Well, you might want to think again. How do you know if cosmetic surgery will give you the result you want? It’s not unusual for people to be unhappy with some aspect of their appearance and want to improve it. We know that everyone is beautiful. Every single person, no matter what age, weight, height, size, shape, race, and gender, is 100 percent beautiful without exception. Cosmetic surgery is very bad for you in every way, shape, and form.
The risk of dying in plastic surgery is as high if not higher than with other types of surgery. The risk of infections and other complications is also high. They will at least have “downtime” to heal. This is the time that infections and scarring most likely to occur. Plastic surgery is the most common reason for getting into debt. People pay a lot of money to get nipped, tucked, expanded and reshaped in today 's world. Plastic surgery might make them look better, but it can kill them also. Additionally, the rate of suicide after plastic surgery is significant. In other words, there is always risks with surgery and the outcome of plastic surgery might not be the way you want it to turn out.
Plastic surgery was intended simply to fix deformities or repair tissue. Today, most…

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