Corruption and Tribalism in Jamaican Politics Essay

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Discuss workable solutions to the scourge of corruption and political tribalism in Jamaica.

Corruption is by no means an observable fact that is confined to Jamaica alone, it is, nevertheless, considered by many to be the largest single impediment to our country’s ability to attain sustained economic growth and development. According to Rose-Ackerman 2001 corruption is defined as the dishonest behaviour that violates the trust placed in a public official. The behaviour of such unlawful actions occurs in instances when government officials and employees abuse their power for financial or non-financial gain to obtain personal benefits and or political interests for their families, or their social networks. Presently, corruption is a
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The introduction of new reform initiatives will help to minimize administrative paper work. The reduction of the extensive paperwork trail or number of channels and red tapes that people will have to go through will aid in minimizing and eventually, eliminate, conditions in which corruption can exist. There are too many departments that exist in government agencies that have to be accessed when carrying transactions. Administrative reform will give birth to new mechanisms, such as auditing and inspection, which will demand a more open and accountable work practices within the crucial government agencies in our country. The aim of this measure is to efficiently combat and eliminate corruption across the administration. During the reforming process the government must build a bureaucracy of good that will foster and attract honest civil servants.
The recruiting of civil service workers must be done fairly through open examinations, while the position occupied by those in management through election and appointment must be done in an open, equitable and democratic processes. In the same breath, to improve the overall administrative reform, the government must address salaries and other compensation of civil servants to ensure that civil servants can maintain a decent standard

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