Essay on Corruption Of Corruption And Corruption

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Judicial corruption in the eyes of its innocent victims, is wrongdoing by someone in power that can be life changing. People can be fined unfair fees or watch someone who stole from them go free. However, for the judges getting the extra cash or making a decision because of personal bias, a case in which corruption occurs can be part of a normal day, and no one would ever know. Corruption is much more oblivious in other countries around the world. For example, in Azerbaijan, a prisoner can be released quickly, by a simple threat or a luxurious offer without doubt or question from anyone around. Therefore, it is debated whether or not judicial corruption is a problem in America. We need to know the facts if we want true justice even if we aren’t victims ourselves, because justice will never be true unless all people can believe in it. To understand the incredible amount of injustice by corruption, let us focus on judges who have been indicted for such a crime, the amount of power judges have, and most importantly why ‘we the people’ do not know the truth about our justice system.
There is no doubt that corruption is occurring, but just how many judges are guilty of accepting bribes and making incredulous rulings? That could be hard to determine as they would be the toughest criminals to catch. Judges are masters of the law. In Pahis’ study of the, “Corruption in our Courts,” he interviewed 27 judges out of the 38 who were, “convicted or removed from office,” for crimes…

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