Why Are African Americans More Likely To Be Wrongly Convicted In The Criminal Case Study

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Why Are African Americans More Likely to Be Wrongly Convicted in the United States?
Imagine, you are just minding your business walking down a street and an officer stop you to bring you to the station to question you. The next thing you know you are being charged for a crime you didn’t commit. Another scenario is that you could have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time and now you are facing a charge you have never done. There are countless situations that are vary from these but lead to the same ending which is an innocent person being convicted of a crime they didn’t do. A number of factors such as eyewitness misidentification, racial bias, and stereotypes play a part in the decision to imprison an innocent individual. These factors will be address to explain their role starting with how race influences the court’s decision to sentence someone. African
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Multiple factors influence the decision to imprison an individual. These include but are not limited to faulty eyewitness, stereotypes, gender, and racial bias. What was found was that people often tend to categorize other individuals from different races in categories and also align the stereotypes for that race to that individual. In this case, white people or white eyewitnesses would group the black defendants in category that is considered criminal which influences their judgment in selecting the offender. Eyewitnesses are not the only ones who do that but people in the court like the judge or juries tend to do the same thing. With all the bias and stereotypes in the judicial system it’s not difficult to see all the obstacle African American have against them when they are on trial wanting to prove their innocence. Wrongful convictions have been on the rise in the United States and with the injustice in the court, it would not

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