Corpus Callosum Essay

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Married at twenty-one to Katherine Screws, nineteen, Joel and Katherine immediately wanted to start a family, which continued to blossom and steadily grew with a home filled with children. Even though he wanted to pursue his dreams as a professional boxer, it was not a job for a family man. He therefore obtained work as an overhead crane operator. Joel always wanted to make it big, though he could not as a boxer, nor in his very short musical stretch in the 1950s with his band the “The falcons.” Though this is, he saw latent in his children, starting with Tito and his captivating intelligence on the guitar. Formerly called the Jackson brothers, it is when Michael later joined his brothers, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon, was the onset to …show more content…
Rehearsal became the outmost central activity for the Jackson boys, Michael and his brothers would spend hours working on tunes, everything they heard from the radio and any old record their father left behind for practice. Through their love of music, a strong bond and strict rudiments form dad, the idea of going to school began to faded as the group gradually improved.
Linking the left and right hemisphere of the brain, the corpus Callosum is integral to integration of experience between the two hemispheres. The effects of trauma are dependent on factors regarding the developmental stage of the child at the time of exposure. Nonetheless, a reduction of the corpus callosum occurs, whatever the developmental stage if the onset of trauma (Hart, 2013).
At age nine, most kids play in the dirt outside while running around and screaming, some create imaginary friends and behave as children of that age would. Michael’s development was not like that of a normal child, he did not play outside in the dirt like kids his age, run around, and certainly did not behave like nine-year-old. Traveling day in and day out, city-to-city, the the boys were very successful in the 1960s popular music scene, making possible the facilitation of the subsequent success of siblings Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet

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