How Do Concussions Affect Our Lives

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Concussions and head injuries affect the daily lives of millions of people every single day, and if a concussion is left untreated they can result in long-term effects on the brain. Concussions are commonly caused by a hard impact hit to the head, but they can occur when the head or upper body has been viciously shaken. Concussions can happen during any contact sport, even the sports where the head is fully protected. According to the Mayo Clinic, a concussion is defined as a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Because concussions do not always cause loss of consciousness people can go about their lives and not even realize they have been affected by concussions. Most concussions are usually temporary but are not always …show more content…
A rough blow to the head, neck, or upper body can make the brain move around powerfully against the inner walls of the skull. The frontal and temporal lobes are the common parts of the brain that are affected by a concussion because those lobes are the closest to a rather rigid bone. When the head rotates the front of the head moves a greater distance due to the fact that the neck is positioned posteriorly to the skull. Dr. Kelly states in his interview that the frontal lobe influences personality, planning, initiating, and organizing, whereas the temporal lobe is primarily the language functions and memory. The memory in the left hemisphere is the verbal memory while the right hemisphere is the non-verbal visual memory. Serve cases of a concussion can lead or bleeding in or around the brain and will prolong symptoms such a confusion and drowsiness. Such bleeding in your brain can be fatal, which is why anyone who experiences a drastic blow to the head needs monitoring in the hours afterward or emergency care if the symptoms worsen (Areas of the Brain Affected by

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