Essay on Corporate Trend Toward Low Fat Foods

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Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1937, a man by the name of Vernon Rudolph sold doughnuts to local stores based off a recipe obtained from a French chef in New Orleans. The doughnuts became so popular with such high demand that Rudolph decide to make his own shop. He eventually opened up nearly 100 shops throughout the South. The business was sold to Beatrice foods after Rudolph passed away in 1973. The business was bought back in 1982 by the franchisees in a collective effort to protect the beloved recipe. By the 1990’s, Krispy Kreme had expanded to the Northeast and Midwest eventually becoming a cultural phenomenon. Krispy Kreme opened their 1,000th store on February 24th 2015 in Kansas City, KS.
SWOT Analysis

Locations in concentrated locations
Not very accessible
IPO Scandal

Consumer trend toward low-fat foods
Government regulations
Dunkin’ Donuts
Could open more locations in big cities like NYC and Chicago
Low fat options/alternative cooking methods for more health conscious consumers

Recognizable logo and Hot Now sign
Well known name
Community ties
Good product

Strengths I think Krispy Kreme definitely has a lot of strengths. They have a very strong fundraising program which definitely creates ties within the community. A lot of the clients of their fundraising efforts are schools and non-profits. On their website they always offer a featured success story that is always up to date. Schools will use this…

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