Corporate Social Responsibility Of The Business Industry Essay

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In the business industry, it is very important that organizations maintain an image to the public that is ethically and morally appealing. This will allow the public to gain trust in the organizations operation and how they take care of their customers. In order to accomplish this objective, it is imperative that an action plan is implemented into the organization in order to improve its corporate social responsibility efforts. To maintain its corporate social responsibility, the organization must also take environmental efforts that is not ethical morally satisfying to the public’s eye. The following action plan outlines were major issues that is associated with stakeholders as well as the action of the company. This is an attempt to improve the company 's image as well as maintaining the quality within the work environment. “Organizations must strike the right balance in using all the tools at their disposal to create a positive corporate image.” (Corporate social responsibility, 2014)
After analyzing the organization, it was apparent to me that the four major issues the company included the following:
1. improper authority distribution among the executive leadership
2. major impact on carbon footprint environmentally
3. ethical and legal issues within the work environment
4. company targeting Third World countries to maximize profits
Improper authority distribution among the executive leadership was leading the company down the wrong path because of poor decisions…

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