Cooper Cookware Research Paper

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most men do not like anything to do with the kitchen, myself included. I was recently watching football and out of nowhere my wife decided to switch channels and insisted we were going to watch a cooking show, to cut the story short the chef in the show happened to be using cooper cookware was impressed by the cookware so much that am planning to get them for my wife to use in the first I thought the chef was just marketing the cookware, so I decided to get involved with "kitchen affairs" and am going to write about cooper cook ware.

cooper cookware has many products to suit every specific task in the kitchen. These products are equipped with the latest technology in cookery ware for efficiency, hygiene, and definitely to look good
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It’s very hard and you will not damage or leave is also possible to use it in the oven, with temperatures of up to 500�and in some products 800�without the stainless steel handle. This steel is not only strong but also has non-stick makes the cookery diverse, you can use it for many tasks.

100% Safe from PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS.

Some cookware use PFOA, PTFE and PFOS during construction to achieve non-stick properties. Serious health concerns have been raised about non-stick cookery that use these chemicals. Research has shown that these chemicals have serious health implications on humans. These harmful chemicals can cause liver cancer and other diseases. Cooper cookware has adopted other methods and is 100% free from these chemicals. Doctors around the world recommend using cookware that does not contain these chemicals.

Comfortable bakelite handle.

With cooper cookware especially pans and cooking pots you won’t require kitchen gloves. The comfortable Bakelite handle allows you to cook while holding the is a non-heat conductor and will ensure heat does not reach your hands. The handle also has an underneath that is designed to fit your fingers for some cases you can detach the handle in case you don’t require it. This handle is also very strong to ensure
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These handles make it easier to carry food without having to empty it into another container. Also included is a stylish copper plated ring. These are attached for easy hanging in the storage or for drying after cleaning.

Different colours to choose from.

The number of colours these cookware come in is astonishing. You can choose your cookware to match the colours in your kitchen. These colours also add a beautiful stylish look to the cookware. The paint is well applied so it does not sustain scratches and does not come out when cleaning the cookware. The cookery will definitely look good in storage or at the dining table.

During my research I came across several reviews of this product. Customers described the product as superb, excellent, good and some best cookware ever. After averaging the reviews, the product scored 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. However, I came across two negative reviews which had the similar concern. Limited life time warranty was the issue, it does not cover all products and is not clear to many customers. Some damages are not covered or the customer is required to pay part of the cost.

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