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Opening Cooking Classes Project
A project is a mutual enterprise that involves research and design. A Project is particularly planned in order to achieve the purpose it is aimed. A project can be termed as a series of activities aimed at addressing a particular issue or task. Bernes & Noble (2) state that a project is temporary because it has a start and end time; hence, has a defined scope and resource. A project has a set of objectives, which involves the accomplishment of a specific goal.
This project is focused on taking cookery classes for interested people. Project management revolves around the application of facts, skills and techniques to execute a project effectively and
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In this project, the stakeholders are a project manager, who is the overall overseer and owner of the project, a project sponsor who provides varied support to the project, donors who offer financial assistance, financial institutions who offer credit facilities in the form of loans as well as grants(they are the financial stakeholders), and the masses or students who enroll for the cooking classes(they are the main stakeholders).
In the cooking classes' project, the business case outlines description of the project initiative. This project seeks to solve the challenge of lack of cooking knowledge among many individuals. Filling this gap of lack of cooking knowledge is the business problem the project seeks to address. The project offers a solution by starting cooking classes to train interested individuals on how to cook. The result of the project is impacting this knowledge to interested individuals. The viability of starting cooking classes is assessed. A preliminary feasibility study on the project is carried out. This a research conducted to determine whether the project can be accomplished and likelihood of other alternatives for the task at hand. This acts as the roadmap for the project.
Cost – Benefit Analysis: Feasibility study defines the cost, scope and schedule of the project. It evaluates if the benefits stated in the business case can be achieved. The cost of starting the cooking classes

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