Conventional Negotiation Vs. Getting More Essay

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6. Trade things you value unequally. “All people value things unequally. First find out what each party cares and doesn’t care about, big and small, tangible and intangible, in the deal or outside the deal, rational and emotional”, explains Diamond (2010). This has been an area that I often overlook. Just because I want something doesn’t automatically mean the situation needs to be competitive. The other person may actually be completely uninterested in the thing you desire. This was demonstrated by the Pakistani Prunes exercise. Negotiation expert Dawson (1999), explains a similar situation involving an orange, “Two people have one orange. They assume the best they can do will be to split the orange down the middle-but as they discuss their needs, they find that one wants the orange for juice, and the other wants the rind for a cake. There needn 't be a winner and a loser. Both of them can win.”
7. Find their standards. The author suggests using the other negotiators history and limitations to your advantage. He advises considering “What are their policies, exceptions to policies, precedents, past statements, ways they make decisions? Use these to get more.” (Diamond, 2010) This could be viewed as unethical. Personally, this tactic immediately raised flags as far as ethics. The very next strategy suggests not using manipulation. Lewicki et al. (2011), describe this as inappropriate…

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