Controversy Regarding The Big Bang Theory Essay

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There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the big bang theory. Contrary to it’s very basic title, the theory is quite complex. The theory suggests that the universe started at a central point and then exploded outward. Stars and galaxies followed after about half a billion years. I picked this topic because this theory has always both fascinated and confused me. By writing this paper, I hope to explain this concept in a clear way, while also enhancing my knowledge on this controversial topic. Many people do not accept the big bang theory because of the religious aspects. The big bang is a theory that combines science and doctrine, which makes it so unique.
Edwin Hubble shocked the world with a theory that states that the universe is constantly expanding in 1925. Simultaneously, scientists from all over the world began to come to the same conclusion. These scientists include George Lemaître and Alexander Friedman. This observation came to be known as the big bang theory. In their time, this was a hard pill to swallow. Many scientists opposed the theory. Fred Hoyle, the man who named the big bang, originally meant for the name to be derogatory. He dismissed the idea, saying that it was ridiculous for anyone to think that such a large world came from a burst of energy. Many people rejected the idea that the universe could ever change. Another facet that people dismissed was the religious feature. If the big bang theory was true, did God really create the world?
Many people…

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