Controversial Impacts Of Police Vunishment: The Case Of Michael Brown

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Controversial cases involving unarmed black men have become a staple in modern day America newspapers, and media. One of the most shocking and devastating cases was that of Michael Brown another victim of police brutality that will remain a part of America’s history forever. According to "5 Things to Know about Michael Brown 's shooting" Michael Brown, an 18 year old African American male was shot and killed by Darren Wilson on August 9th, 2014. There is confusion as to what events happened leading up to the point where Wilson shot Michael Brown. But what is known is that Brown was unarmed and that he was shot multiple times, even after he put his hands in the air and told Wilson not to shoot. Multiple witnesses included Dorian Johnson, said …show more content…
Even if Wilson was involved in an altercation with Brown there is no real justification for the multiple shots that were fired. It is clearly agreed that Brown had his hands up and that he was unarmed, and that Wilson continued to fire the shots even after he was aware that Brown was unarmed. It was a use of excessive force.
Michael Browns case has provoked peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri where the incident happened. Which have resulted in even more police brutality. It’s a very dangerous situation, riots are breaking out and state of emergency was recently declared because the grand jury is going to release the verdict of the case, evoking further reaction from protestors. According to "5 Things to Know about Michael Brown 's shooting" Darren Wilson has not been detained and is on paid administrative leave. Another article written "Why Haven 't We Heard from
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But it definetly still is important because it shows that even race isn’t always a part of police brutality. The incident occurred on July 5th 2011. In the article "California Cop Pleads Not Guilty in Homeless Man 's Death." CNN. Kelly Thomas was a 37 year old homeless man who suffered from schizophrenia. There were reports about Thomas loitering around a neighborhood, looking into driveways and trying to open doors on cars. Police forces arrived at the scene and the entire incident was captured on video. In the video provided by "California Cop Pleads Not Guilty in Homeless Man 's Death." shows Thomas being verbally abused leading to being tased repeatedly and beaten to the point where his life was in danger by 6 police officers. The footage also displays Thomas’s cries for help to his deceased father in the video multiple times. Clearly showing that he was begging for the abuse to stop. The police officers paid no attention to his pleas for help and continued to beat him. Thomas died 5 days after the incident. Police accused him of being under the influence of a mind altering substance, autopsy reports later confirmed that there were no traces of any type of drugs in his system. The police officers were found not guilty, they were seen as peace officers doing their

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