Contraceptive Vs Church Essay

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Contraceptives v. the Church Throughout the years, medicine has advanced. The advancement of medicine has significantly benefited today 's society. However, advancements in medicine such as contraceptives or birth control have been questioned and denied by the Catholic Church. According to Mr. Mitchell contraception or birth control means to stop conception or stop it from happening (Lange 33). Catholics say birth control should not be accepted and due to the fact that birth control is needed to reduce the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy, birth control practices are acceptable more than abortions, and some methods help protect one’s health. Birth control is needed to ease the risk of unplanned pregnancies. Many women take birth control or practice a form of birth control to decrease the probability of these unplanned pregnancies. “Over half of American women who get pregnant did not plan or want to have a baby” (Health). This is significant for the reason that many unplanned pregnancies could lead to abortions. One should not assume that birth control will be effective without taking some responsibility. If one uses a contraceptive correctly, then the body will have a greater possibility of preventing the conception from occurring. Donna Lange states in order for birth control to be …show more content…
When a method of contraception has failed, a woman can request an emergency contraceptive at a local pharmacy; however, a male can also request an emergency contraceptive if his partner has consented. The reasons a contraceptive fails may depend on the situation such as, the woman was raped or there was no method of contraceptive used prior or during the sexual activity. This emergency contraception should not be a substitute for regular contraception. Additionally “this method should not be an excuse for taking chances” (Lange 47). Lastly, individuals should decide which method will be more

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