Context Analysis of British Airways Essay

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1.0 Context Analysis of British Airways
In order to understand an organisations key market and communication drivers which will in turn influence how their brand is perceived by consumers, analysing the context of its current marketing communications instalments is essential (Fill, 2006). Fill highlights 4 key stages for context analysis: Customer, Business, Internal and External which are crucial in order to form a marketing communications plan. Context | Dimensions | The Customer
-Brand Awareness, perceptions & attitudes-Segmentation criteria | British Airways is an added value airline with a leadership brand that charges a premium. They target an array of affluent citizens, consisting of predominantly ABC1’s, willing to pay
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Through rebranding BA aimed to develop a high quality service minded culture, and reposition itself as being ‘the world’s favourite airline,’ in order to considerably improve its reputation and regain new and positive attention to potential customers by the 1990’s (Mintel 2011). Therefore, British Airways now compete with other long haul, luxury airline services such as Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Singapore Airlines Due to the expansion on BA’s short haul market as well as an increase of approximately 400 destinations since 2011 via joint ventures with American Airlines and OneWorld alliance with Qantas (Hoovers, 2012); BA now compete with short haul market airline services such as EasyJet and Rynair. The establishment of the OneWorld alliance, expanding their access to a wider range of destinations globally, access of modern technology (such as self-check in services), combined with their high quality services and strong brand identity is where BA’s competitive advantage lies (Mintel 2012). This is what allows British Airways to have sustainable competitive advantage in both the short and long haul markets, however they need to ensure that they continue to innovate in order to maintain their current premium position as a highly ranked airline service and reach new audiences which will provide a continually sustainable competitive edge. British Airways has achieved savings of £74 million across its supply chain

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