American Airlines Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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Weaknesses American airline they don’t have a lot of weaknesses comparing to other airlines. Most airline weakness are the market share and financial positions. The airline constantly faces union problems that have negative effects on the progress of the company. After US Airways merger, this problem intensified and because of increasing union problems, American Airline adopted a benefit-sharing program. This program affected the company's profits and created instability in the project. Although the airline is trying to deploy its operations around the world, it’s focusing on domestic flights. American Airlines cannot reform its position on a global scale because of inefficient international competition efforts. The airline depends on limited aircrafts, aircrafts spare parts suppliers and aircraft engines because of the limited number of suppliers. The aircrafts are vulnerable to mechanical problems, inadequate performance and design …show more content…
The world tourism is growing by 4.4% and it has shown a growth since the economic crisis of 2009., worldwide, huge operating network. Therefore, the grow globally the market provides a strong opportunity for American Airlines to capitalize on the demand generated. The air transportation demand is increasing every day, as the air transportation market continues to grow. With the high growth rate of the air transportation, competition is increasing too. With efficient and attractive customer service and employee training, American Airline can easily compete in the market. Therefore, because if the growth there will be many a lot of positive results for the company. The advances of the technology opened many opportunities for the airline. The airline can inventions and research in technology reduce operating costs. In addition, the advances of the technology can be used to reduce the fuel

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