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Content of the passage: "Teach us to pray" This is an aorist active imperative. These disciples felt an urgency about this request they needed Jesus’ peace and composure.
As John also taught his disciples" We know from John 1:29-41 that some of Jesus ' disciples were first John the Bap

It was the task of the teacher (rabbi) to train his followers in all the ways and truths necessary to function
Independently at some point in the future (cf. Luke 5:33). Prayer establishes a life-long dependence on the Father. This was the key to Jesus ' earthly mission (cf. Luke 10:21-24).

"Hallowed be your name" Is the first of two petitions concerned with God Himself. May His name, which represents His person, be honoured and accepted in the world of men. Such hallowing forms the basis for second petition. Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. It implies that this is not a set apart. It is to say that there is no one like God, He is completely unique - not just a super person or a better person. “Name means that Gods whole character, His whole person, is set apart. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven: The model prayer shows us passion for Gods glory and agenda. His name, kingdom and will have the top priority.”

Everyone wants to guard their own name and reputation. But we must resist the tendency to protect and promote ourselves first and instead put Gods name, kingdom and will first. This shows that prayer are not tools to get what we want from God. It is a way to…

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