Contemporary Approaches to Management Essay

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Contemporary Approaches to Management and their Environments

The different approaches to management have been changed, fine tuned and discarded over the years. In the coming paragraphs we will take a look at the contemporary approaches. We will examine how they compare to each other as well as if they can be utilized in the three types of environments; internal, competitive and macro environment. The first approach to management would be the sociotechnical systems theory. Researchers believed that for an organization to be successful it would need the social system and the technical system to work together in harmony. The social system consists of the employees, their knowledge, skills, attitude and their understanding of their
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The organization affects the environment as well as the environment affects the organization. The three environments include the internal environment, competitive environment, and the macro environment. The internal environment is the forces within the organization such as the managers, employees and resources. The competitive environment is the part of the external environment which includes suppliers, customers and rivals. The macro environment is just like the name, large. It is the general environment that includes governments which can be described as laws and regulations, economy, demographics, technology and social values. Each of the four approaches to management are relevant in each environment. Each approach has to take into consideration the surrounding elements. The internal and competitive environments are relevant with each approach because if the organization doesn’t work and have structure from within (internal) they will not succeed with their competitive environment. This would ultimately cripple the organization to reinvent itself or the organization could cease to exist. Each approach needs to also take into consideration the macro environment and its elements so they can gather the correct information to make informed decisions and have the organization be successful. In conclusion, the four contemporary approaches to managements (sociotechnical systems theory, quantitative management, organizational

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