Essay on Consumption Of Meat Is Not Immoral

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Consumption of meat is not immoral; however, managing and limiting extremes by virtual practice would be ideal for health, animal cruelty, and environmental concerns. Within Aristotle virtue ethics being a critical thinker is essential to finding the best path to one’s virtue, so eating meat would be dependent on each separate individual experience. However, finding a balance by identifying the extremes, and develop a mean to best describe the ideal moral practices.
There have already been health concerns from the over indulgence of eating meat. The consumption of meat is not immoral, but eating an excessive amount could be. Humans can run into heightened health concerns with extremes on two ends of the spectrum. Not eating enough meat will result in nutrient deficiency or possible health complications. The decision on the amount of consumption would depend on virtues qualities and find a balance that makes the most sense to an individual. The individual would be able to find the correct amount by experience and what would be morally permissible, as well as the amount of meat an individual would require for vital nutrients that come from consumed source. The practice of virtue ethics can be refuted for eating meat can be erroneously used, since it does not solidify the questioning concerns of eating meat being immorally wrong or not. There is not a measured amount that can be established, and no set of guidelines for every human to follow during their daily consumption of…

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