Consumerism In Naomi Klein's Book 'No Logo'

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Consumerism is one of the biggest and most difficult problems the world faces today. The high demand in trending products, as well as food, has led to more challenging problems. Naomi Klein in her book, No Logo, talks about the poor treatment workers receive at the Export Processing Zones (EPZs), which is where brand companies produce all their products in a much cheaper way. Besides workers at EPZs, there are also people who work at the slaughterhouses and are mistreated as well. Eric Schlosser in his book, Fast Food Nation, explains the risk of being a worker at a slaughterhouse due to the fast pace the job is performed at. As well as the workers, the animals that are brought to the slaughterhouses to basically be slaughtered, are also mistreated …show more content…
The company sometimes takes advantage of their workers, the workers are even lied to about their injuries. Kevin Wilson, a worker at an IBP slaughterhouse in Council Bluffs, Iowa, injured his back and was sent to see a company doctor, who was designated to him by the company’s nurse. The doctor told Kevin his injury was not serious, but Kevin opted to get a second opinion from another doctor who told him he had a disk injury (“Dangerous” 180-181). Kevin was able to receive medical treatment but there are other workers who are not even given medical insurance when they begin to work at the slaughterhouses and with the low pay they receive they cannot afford to see a doctor. “The basic pay at the slaughterhouse is now $9.25 an hour…Health insurance is now offered to worker after six months on the job; vacation pay, after a year” says Schlosser (“Cogs” 160). The workers receive disgraceful treatment at the slaughterhouses, even though their lives are at risk. The workers are not the only ones who suffer when being at a slaughterhouse; the animals who are brought into be slaughtered receive one of the most inhumane

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