Consumer Profile : Victoria 's Secret Essay

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Consumer Profile: Victoria’s Secret targets middle to upper-class women from the ages of 20-40. Their customers also value image, glamour, and confidence and are seen as the best in their class. Women are strong and captivating and are sought after luxury and elegance. Because of the higher prices on items, women seek value and image in their panties and bras and see them as an item they can choose from in an assortment of colors and patterns. They consider them an importance and a valued product that is worth splurging on to feel more confident and glamorous in. Victoria’s Secret not only offers merchandise that is considered sexy but everyday merchandise as well, which makes a woman feel like she can be confident in what she is wearing daily and not just for special occasions.

Competitor: While examining who Victoria’s Secrets closest competitors were, we choose Aerie and Adore Me. Aerie is American Eagle’s lingerie brand and because of this, Aerie targets a younger demographic around the ages of eighteen to fifteen to twenty-five. Prices range from eight dollars for underwear to around forty for a bra making them only slightly cheaper than Victoria 's Secret (Aerie). Aerie’s major campaign recently has been AerieREAL, in which Aerie does not retouch or photoshop the models in their advertisements (Dishman). This has created major positive feedback for the brand and many support Aeries message and intentions to empower young girls no matter their imperfections.…

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