Consumer Kids : Manipulated And Mistreated Alistair Gamble Essay

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Consumer Kids: Manipulated and Mistreated Alistair Gamble
Persuasive Essay Children. We were all one of them at one stage in our lives, small and cute as they are so delicately described. Our attention so easily gained with a flash of colour and something with looks just like what we were, “fun”. Now children’s minds are being manipulated to want more products that they don 't actually need but look interesting. Even worse they are making them think of what they apparently ‘should’ be; skinny, strong, smart. We used to just watch cartoons and laugh with the innocence of the youth, but children today are shown at every available point some form of advertisement on a billboard, television or maybe the internet. This perversion of their privacy is highly immoral and has severe consequences on their mental development.

Marketing aimed at children, due to national legislation, cannot contain vulgar sexual references, such as nudity, and drug usage that may possibly be seen by adults in post watershed adverts. This relies in advertisers being able to develop less sexualised versions of adverts for younger viewers to remain within the law. The advertisers are challenged to not use “disproportionate segment representation” or in other words racism. But while adverts are less racially segregation and sexually explicit, many parents are calling for commercials, mainly make up and clothing, to become more socially appropriate for children. Also children who are very young…

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