Consumer Behavior And The Uk Essay

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What drives consumer behavior in fashion in the Uk?
In general, I would like to talk about our research Poster project on consumer behavior and the theme of the projects is "fashion". The poster about combines text and graphics, present in the way that is visually interesting. The projects allow us to display our work to a large group, to talk, to receive feedback from interested viewers, and this makes it interesting. To be important, we have to design the research questions in groups. We need to support the research questions by making survey including some options for the answers. We have to give the audience an idea of our motivation for this project and help them to see what our project means for us and for them. The effectiveness of our poster depends on how quickly and easily our audience can read and interpret it, so it is very important for us to make our poster visually amazing. we have to use the chart, graph, or table summarizing the data and explain how that data confirms our thesis. In the end, we have to present our project, to be ready to talk about it, answer viewers ' questions, provide additional details, and so on. We have to make sure that we are familiar enough with our poster that we can talk about it without looking at it. In the literature view, we triangulation our data with literature and other sources by comparing and contrasting all sources of data in empirical, literature, books, and self-reflection in learner journal. Three concepts of…

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