Spreadsheo: Analysis: Expenditure Income And Evaluation: Evaluation

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Spreadsheet model:
I created my spreadsheet model by first following the “design for a basic model” this helped me to create three sheets called “Expenditure, Income and Summary”. Within these three sheets I created tables and colour coded them:
The tables coloured yellow: require data input.
The tables coloured blue: require calculations using formula or function.
The table coloured red: require calculations using formula or function and could also require that their contents be used elsewhere in the model.
The table coloured pink: can either contain information you input yourself from your research, information generated through the use of formulae or functions, or information transferred from another part of the
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Like, how much people should be in the festival and/or the answer I got from asking: how much are you willing to buy for a ticket (to adults and teenagers)? The positives I got for my recommendation was that I had relevant graphs and also followed the CAB requirements and provided the answers required from the questions. It could be futher improved if I listen to my buddy and included the answers that the group provided me with, if I included other recommendations about activities that I chose, the answer I received about whether the festival should be indoor or out doors and provided charts to say how many people wanted it indoors and out doors. And also, the capacity that many people wanted and charts to represent this data as well and the answers I got from asking how much would you buy for a ticket and compared the prices that the teenagers. Additionally, I need to include what the adults said and use this data to choose wisely the capacity of adults to teenagers because if the adults said they’d pay higher money than the teenagers then obviously I would make sure the capacity was in favour of adults; more adults than teenagers. I will add these …show more content…
But, I had to keep the colour constant so I changed the colour in my poster from orange to purple. I was also told by my teacher to make the title stand out, so, I added a glow effect to my poster because it’s one of the important facts in my poster. Similarly, another important thing that I had to put a glow effect on was the artist line-up which is the biggest influence in my poster. I was told by my buddy to make the facts stand out as well, but I couldn’t put the glow effect on every words so instead I put three boxes in which I can put the time, date and location and price. The feedback on the final version after many improvements was positive because not only did I have the CAB requirements but also I put my own touch to it by providing extra information on the refreshments provided and the activities available. Moreover, I added different kinds of effects like: shadow, reflection, 3D rotation, and shapes and word

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